Worldwalker Trilogy by Josephine Angelini

These books were by far the best I have read this year, the writing just blew me away. They are about Lily, who is allergic to everything in her world and regularly has seizures and is admitted into hospital.  When she has a seizure at a party she is at she is taken home my her best friend, she gets mad at him for reasons I won’t disclose (read it, trust me) and goes for a walk where she hears a voice in her head offering to take her away, the next thing she knows she isn’t in her Salem anymore, but an alternate version where Witches and monsters exist. These three books are her story of how she survives and navigates this new world to find love, friends, and power she would have never known she had.

Josephine is an amazing writer, she knows how to take you on a journey into the unknown and keep you on your toes. She describes the scenes beautifully and you can see the characters so clearly in your mind’s eye that you wouldn’t know you weren’t watching a film instead of reading a book.  In these kinds of books, the romance is often just crammed in on top of everything to make it appeal to young adult readers, but in this book it seems to centre around Lily’s life and her struggles and the romance takes a back seat for most of the series, only coming up when necessary and I think that’s a great way to go about it. It doesn’t create conflict just because it can, everything that goes on in this trilogy

It doesn’t create conflict just because it can, everything that goes on in this trilogy feels like it could happen in another world very realistically, and I think that’s the hallmark of a great book, when it could happen, maybe not in this world, but in some distant future or other reality so close to ours its almost scary.


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